OK Achieves Director Releases Statement Following State of the State Address

Oklahoma City (February 4, 2019) – Oklahoma Achieves Executive Director Bobby Griffith released the following statement after Governor Stitt’s State of the State address:

“Today’s State of the State address by Governor Stitt contains many bold initiatives to improve Oklahoma’s education system to educate the future workforce. Oklahoma Achieves agrees that our education system must prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s careers and that we must bring accountability and transparency to the education system so parents, employers and other stakeholders can know where they need to engage their local schools.

For students to succeed, our state must reimagine our education system to one where students come first in all policies and expand opportunities to move into higher education and CareerTech. We must lessen unnecessary administrative burdens on the education system through streamlined credentialing processes and the adoption of policies that encourage Oklahoma’s finest teachers to stay in Oklahoma. We must also reform the education funding formula to be student-centered, incentivize improved outcomes and make sure students from all communities have the dollars they need to receive a quality education.

Our state can achieve a turnaround as we adapt to the present realities of globalization and a technologically driven economy. This will take communities, businesses and the government working together. As Governor Stitt said, “We must stand arm-in-arm with communities, cities and counties. Oklahoma is stronger when we are all working together.”

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - 12:33pm