Governor Signs Bill to Expand Adjunct Program in Schools

Jennifer MoniesHB 3102 provides cost-effective solution, especially in STEM areas

Oklahoma City (April 12, 2016) – Governor Fallin on Monday signed House Bill 3102 into law, expanding the number of classroom hours allowed for an adjunct teacher. These teachers are experts in a particular field who are willing to share their knowledge with students but have not gone through the teaching certification process. Previously they were limited to just 90 hours per semester, but HB 3102 expands that to 270 hours.

“Adjunct teaching is underutilized in Oklahoma and one reason why is that adjunct teachers are limited to just one class per semester,” said Oklahoma Educated Workforce Initiative Executive Director Jennifer Monies. “This new law will allow more students to benefit from the real-world knowledge and experience that adjuncts provide.”

The State Department of Education says there are only about 200 adjunct teachers statewide. By raising the teaching limit and raising awareness of the adjunct process, the goal is to increase that number significantly.

“The responsibility is on businesses as much as school districts to expand the program,” said Monies. “If we recognize that our districts have a need for teachers in a subject where we have expertise, we need to offer our help.”

OEWI would like to thank Rep. Chad Caldwell and Sen. Jason Smalley who carried the bill through the process, House and Senate leadership for letting the bill be heard and Governor Fallin for signing it into law.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - 9:41am