Interactive Educational Data

In an effort to make education data more accessible to the public, Oklahoma Achieves has started Tableau Public page. Tableau Public is a website where people can publish interactive data visualizations on any topic for the public to dig in and explore the data. We plan to update this page regularly, so check back to see our most recent data visualizations.


Oklahoma STEM at a Glance graphic



2016 Oklahoma Public School A-F Grades graphic

Oklahoma Achieves created interactive regional STEM profiles as part of our “Oklahoma STEM at a Glance” project. These STEM profiles look at the state of STEM in Oklahoma in terms of student academic achievement, school accountability and performance, and jobs.

Click here to view and interact with our statewide STEM profile. To see our regional STEM profiles, please visit our Tableau Public page by clicking here.


Oklahoma’s State Department of Education is required to release A-F grades on all public schools in the state each year. In 2016, 10.9% of schools received an “A+, A, or A-” grade, while 11.9% of schools received an “F” grade. The largest percentage of schools (32.4%) received a “C+, C, or C-“ grade.

To see how each school scored, click here to explore an interactive map on our Tableau Public page.

% of Students Scoring At or Above Proficient on NAEP Exams, Grade 4, Reading (2007-2017)    

Oklahoma falls behind the national average in terms of the percentage of students scoring proficient and above on the fourth and eighth grade reading and math National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) exams. In fact, the percentage of Oklahoma fourth graders scoring proficient and above on the reading exam dropped from 33% in 2015 to 29% in 2017 while the national average stayed consistent at 35%.

To view an interactive visualization on how Oklahoma compares to the rest of the nation, click here to visit our Tableau Public page.